Dueling Hearts

by Mad Mars

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Finale of Lovesong Equestria, Celestia and Luna sing about their personal fears of pursuing love and their desires to overcome them together.


It has been a thousand years since I have had someone
To hold me close and give me hope but I fear those nights are gone
My subjects tend to fear me, not see me as I am
I've tried so hard to be myself but they don't understand

I have lived a thousand years in loneliness and pain
Watching friends be born to die, while knowing I'll remain
I long to have another, to whom I can confide
My heart is far too heavy, from all my past goodbyes

But we know that one day we will overcome
For we know that we are capable of love

Like the stars that shine into the night I'll always dare to dream

Like the sun that shines above us all things are brighter than they seem

There is no light without the dark, no dark without the light
Time cannot deny a day our hearts are free from strife
We know that one day we will overcome
For we know that we are capable of love

Times are always changing, and I know that I'm behind

My subjects know my power, but not my troubled mind

My romance is outdated, I'd just embarrass myself

They come to me with questions, concerned with someone else

But still I find a hope in knowing this is not the norm
Life and love both come and go we battled through the storm
One day we'll dine on happiness we share with those we love
Our worries and our struggles, will melt away because

We know that one day we will overcome
we know that we are capable of love
We hope that out there someones thinking of
the princesses that rule Equestria


released March 1, 2016
S. Dawson, vocal recording/mixing
Jerod Oakes, drums/drum recording




Mad Mars Annandale, Virginia

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