Hopeless (TBLT Parody of "Worthless)

by Mad Mars

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A parody of The Brave Little Toaster's "Worthless, Hopeless takes you through the villains Equestria has faced over the first five seasons, and what the civilians really think about the future of Equestria.


I can't take this kind of danger
It's just a fact one more foul attack
Would be more than I can take


I just can't, I just can't
I just can't seem to accept this
Don't have a mind to live in the hard times
All that we have at stake


And there ain't nothin' you can do about it!
Pardon me while I panic!
Hopeless!, Hopeless!, Hopeless...

I came here from Apaloosa
I took my pride on a long wagon ride
From my home town to ol' Ponyville
Then Nightmare rose from the shadows
Attempted a coup that would leave me and you in a world Where the sunlight was nil


I established Surgarcube Corner
I must confess my confection's the best
And I revel in how far I've come
Then I had a new revelation
Discord was found in the town bringing chaos abound
My work was almost undone

Once took my family to a wedding!
Once took my family to a wedding!
Chrysalis came with an army of changelings
That rained down on us from the sky

Once took a trip to the empire
Sombra came back he was on the attack
And we all thought we wouldn't survive


Then Tirek siphoned our powers
Quickly destroyed all the land we enjoy so
And we thought the end was for sure

I was living in the country!
I was living in the country!
Living a lie with my talent deprived unaware that I wasn't myself
Starlight tried to make us equal

Now there's still a nasty rumor
Starlight went back to the past to redact all the victories that kept us alive

How can we know what is coming
Future looks bleak for the helpless and weak
We were happy 'til we realized

It's hopeless.


released April 27, 2016
Youtuber smawzyv - providing a reference instrumental midi
S. Dawson - Vocal mixing/editing




Mad Mars Annandale, Virginia

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